Hi. I am Dr. John Herzog. I believe I know a thing or two when it comes to medical care.

I am an orthopedic and trauma surgeon.

I gravitated to this profession, walking in the footsteps of my grandfather, father, and uncle.

But Dad influenced me the most.

He was kind of a cross between James Bond and a cowboy.

A medical pioneer who performed the first total hip and knee replacement in the state of Michigan.

My main focus is to keep people out of the Emergency Room by being prepared, like Dad was.

John Herzog

When I was considering where in this country to settle after medical school I was first attracted to New Hampshire because of the state motto.

3 decades of caring for other people as an orthopedic and traumatic surgeon, is never easy. But the way I see it, there's a solution for everything.

As you are an orthopedic surgeon on call for the entire city, you must be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again when the chopper comes in.


Putting new joints in hips has a very distinct protocol. Putting a kid's foot back together after a lawn mower accident takes the art of medicine.

Then you've got to understand not only the physical problems, but the psychological issues in dealing with grief, guilt, and ongoing medical problems.

Trauma... a Good Teacher

The aftermath of trauma is something I understand firsthand.

My first encounter came, in fact, when I collided with of all things a moose. At Moosehead Lake in Maine—I kid you not!

At 50 years of age, I sustained a head injury in the collision. I bet you're wondering what happened to the moose!

I can't tell you, but I suspect he was better off than me, as he likely recovered in the forest.


Me on the other hand, I was in a critical state.

Only a week after the collision I attempted to go back to work. But fate had other plans for me that day. Because on my way to surgery my world turned upside down.

I had a major seizure and ended up a patient instead of a doctor.Instead of saving a patient's life I needed to be saved!

My Light Bulb Moment

That was also around the time when more reliable research on natural remedies came out, and I devoured them immediately.

Later I led my own study with medical students and started moving toward a home-remedy based lifestyle.

These studies radically changed my diet, my way of treating myself and my patients and in fact it changed my whole life. I learned from experience how the best diet converts to the best fuel for the human body and mind.

Not only is diet extremely important, but it may be the most under-utilized portion of medicine today.

People don't understand how important diet is to their health. But it's actually quite simple-if you eat a poor diet you have poor health.

With that flash of insight 10 years ago, I knew three things for certain. I needed to:

  1. Get rid of my arthritis
  2. Get back in shape
  3. Get off pharmaceutical medications

I realized, in short, the last thing I wanted was to spend my life dependent on medical health care. So, by understanding what I eat, my cholesterol reading today is back where it should be, I don't have pain in my back or knees, and I'm fully functional.

Simply because I changed my diet, I now feel like in my 20s again and I wish everyone could feel this way. I truly believe if we all moved to, a better diet we would spend 80% less on our healthcare. What we eat is killing us.


Dear Dr. Herzog and staff,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of the PRP therapy. Thought you might want to share my story.

I first experienced problems with my knees in the 1980's. I had water on the knee several times and was told that as an active person in construction it was not surprising.

So far many years I have tried to be easy on my knees. In 2017, I was walking in the store and my knee starting clicking, which was very difficult. I learned to accommodate, by not turning with my foot planted and trying not to over use my knees.

As a self-employed person with a $6,500.00 deductible, no workman's compensation and no way to take time off to recover from surgery and rehab I was interceded in stem cells. As I learned about this I ground that one of the pioneers in this field was practicing in Falmouth Maine.

I decided to contact Dr. Herzog after reading many great reviews. He recommended PRP therapy where they draw my own blood then separate out what is needed and inject it into my knee. I had three shots a month apart in my bad knee and one treatment on my good knee.

I am happy to say it was successful beyond my hopes and my knees are great. I can do my job as a farmer and land manager without the worries I had all those years. If your knees are worn out you should give Dr. Herzog a call.

Thank you so much for changing my life.

Dean Taylor

"My Achilles were bothering me after playing basketball. They felt like they were bruised.

I went to my family practice doctor and he said it was time to switch to sports where I didn't have to cut and stop fast... no more basketball or tennis.

He explained that men hit 40 and all the wear and tear from years of abusing your achilles where the threads break and heal and sometimes heal incorrectly had finally caught up to me. That was it. Stop playing and it could snap at any time because it was damaged.

I started looking for an alternative and a friend mentioned PRP therapy with Dr. Herzog.

He looked at both achilles and showed me the fraying in the left and the pencil sized hole in the right and that he thought PRP could help. Over the next 4 to 6 weeks we did 4 injections the left, 6 in the right and both achilles two years later are as good as new.

Couldn't recommend him enough!"

Craig Handley

"When I got tennis elbow I thought my time at the gym was coming to a close. But then I found Orthopedic Specialists and they got me back to the gym faster than I could believe!"


"I thought my marathon running was over when I got Plantar Fasciitis, but then Dr. Herzog fixed me up in no time!"


"I thought my basketball career was over from my terrible ankles. Then I met Dr. Herzog, and he put me through a round of PRP Therapy. I was back on my feet within six weeks."


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